Together we are strong

Events Report 2010



DATE 4th-6th JUNE2010


African Women in Europe is an online group of women networking and reflect positive image of an African woman in Europe. A.W.E events are annually prepared and offer members an opportunity to meet offline and promote their various activities and products. The events are prepared with a different theme and in different cities around Europe. Everyone is invited to this event. 2010 A.W.E Networking Event was held from 4th to 6th June in Paris, France. The main Event was on 5th June .The Main Theme was fashion and beauty (promoting upcoming entrepreneur)

Other Activities included Informative speech, Music performance and entertainment


On 4th June Friday Women from all over Europe arrived in Paris to their respective hotels. In the evening along River s Seines women met in a restaurant and had a meal together.  It was a chance for all to introduce themselves and for those who own businesses to show case their products. 


On Saturday 5th June Morning members toured Paris in the bright sunny weather.  The tour included a visit to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower and a light lunch on a boat tour later in the day.  Although the boat ride was optional all members joined in the fun! 


The main event started on time at 1800hrs on Saturday night.   This was a dinner event on a boat, with a number of talent shows and surprises.  Women came dressed with beautiful African outfit ready to be motivated and be informed. Bhatupe Mhango, the mistress of ceremony took to stage to welcome everyone and introduced Joy Zenz Founder of African Women in Europe, who spent the first few minutes of the evening reminding guests of the A.W.E Aims and Objectives. There after she introduced Rosemary Laryea the speaker of the evening . The speaker delved into a 15 minute discussion of “How to present yourself“ and looked at the personal and professional aspects of presenting oneself, what to refrain from doing and what to enhance in order to be accepted as a valid and worthy brand within the professional set up.  Thereafter guests were asked to respond to the presentation.  Another member of the group, Veronica, was granted the platform briefly to talk on a subject that had dominated conversation throughout the day- women`s leadership and place in fighting domestic violence.  Veronica. A former domestic violence victim spoke of the challenge of being involved in domestic violence and how to gather the courage to move on in life. 


The audience participation of the evening included their being rated on the best African dress and a few gifts were handed out, including the following:

The first Person to pay for the event received Marykay Satin hand Set. The best African Outfit dressed guest in the room received GNLD products basket .


Following the gifts guests were invited to a relaxed dinner on the boat terrace. During dinner Florence Kamandu GNLD representative spoke on  “How important it is to take care of your health” Guest were invited to try her products after dinner.


After Dinner, Bhatupe Mhango took to stage and inspired women with Gospel music from her new CD Watupe HEAVEN !  The dance floor was opened for a little while while models of African fashion prepared themselves for the main event of the night.  The famous Kenyan DJ, DJ Dalla entertained the guest with 80’s and African music and guest took to stage and danced. 


The main event was a spectacular Fashion Show in which, Tae Betty Africa/European designer from South Africa living in Germany came to stage to introduce herself and her collection. Thereafter with help of her models she inspired women with her gorgeous collection of African/European style.  Tae Betty is an upcoming designer.  Her aim is to bring African print to the European style.


The evening was later open for music entertainment and networking  session. Guest had the chance to try GNLD products, Get themselves measured by Tae Betty for their next outfit


Towards the end of the event Raffle draw was held.  Guests won several items . Among this items were two flight tickets to Africa which were presented by Najoua Mahmoud Director of Development Afriqiyah Airways France G.S.A,2  Salone Magazine for One year, 2 African Courier Magazine for One year, Sheacottage  Products voutures, 1 CD from Watupe and several other prizes. 


Sated, and serenaded, the guests and all sponsors were thanked by the AWE Founder and event organizer, Joy Zenz.   


Members of AWE had one final chance to meet and greet and pass their feedback on the past night`s event at a late morning breakfast at their hotel.  By that day`s end many reported by phone or texts of their safe arrival to their respective homes around Europe.  It is with great pride and joy that AWE announces that African women`s networking and leadership skills is still vibrant and strong in Europe and there is a lot that women can achieve together. 


The next AWE event will take place in Berlin next year, 2011. 


Event Team Organisers

Joy Zenz Event Manager

Wambui Njau Marketing Organiser

Bauwa Aluambo co-ordinator in Paris, France



Report written by Joy Zenz ,Watupe Mhango & Wambui Njau


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