Together we are strong


African women in Europe started in January 2008. The website has over 600 members and 3 administrators. The founder, Mrs. Joy Zenz created the website with the idea that women can work together and reflect a positive image of an African woman; intelligent, hardworking, multitasked, ambitious, family supportive and deserve respect. By use of information technology women with like mind can reach each other despite geographical differences all over Europe.


This website offers a platform to assist members exchange ideas and share experiences through discussion forum, private/public messages, photos, videos and blogs. Members can join various groups according to individual preferences.


Recently, A.W.E has started an online ‘Blog Talk Radio’ where invited guest speakers discuss various issues every month. The hosting team consists of Joy Zenz A.W.E Founder living in Germany, and Wambui Njau, Co-Founder, living in the United Kingdom.


African Women in Europe Mission

Our mission is to create a relaxed atmosphere where African women can empower each other and reflect a positive image of an African woman.


 Objectives and Aims

To empower women

To positively reflect the image of an African woman

To offer a manageable networking platform

To support upcoming and existing entrepreneurs

To form friendship among members

To learn and advice each other

To create an opportunity for women to network

About AWE Awards

AWE (African Women in Europe) 1st Awards 2011 ceremony was held in Berlin Germany on 19th June 2011.

AWE is a platform that enables African Women to share experience and knowledge with other African Women residing in Europe. AWE believes empowering African women will bring a positive change in themselves and surroundings!

AWE award aims to:

*Recognise and award African Women living, working, and in business in Europe.

*Give African Women in Europe a chance to market their product and services

* Create a positive role model for our generation and generations to come.

The need for the Award came from analysis from African women in Europe website with over 600 registered members. Through a voluntary online radio show interviews, we thought there was a need to have this Awards to acknowledge the African women achievements. There after AWE Awards was born out of the need.






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  1. Sylvia

    How can i join the club?

    April 6, 2014 at 5:40 pm

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