Together we are strong

AWE Events Team


Joy Machugu Event Organiser’s /AWE Founder

Joy Machugu is the founder of African Women in Europe. ( She reside in Germany. Her aim is to connect African Women living in Europe and around the world through this platform irrespective of their geographical locations. Joy started her website in 2008 and now has over 600 signed and actively involved women networking among each other.

She has been able to move one step forward from networking online to organising events to personally meet off-line. The events are organised and take place in different countries in Europe. Recently she has been able to launch her own ‘Blog Talk Radio’ where women can discuss various issues and empower each other.

Prior to raising her children, Joy has worked in administration offices and organised events in UK. She has a diploma in Institution Management. Currently, she manages the A.W.E website and has organised four successful events for the past three years.(Köln, Madrid, Rome, France)

She is currently involved in marketing Africa here in Europe by joining up in different ventures with African companies.

She also offers e-commerce solutions by creating e-shops for businesses.Her Motto is “Together we are STRONG……..”

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Wambui Njau AWE Co-Founder

Mrs Wambui Njau is a mother of three, married and living in UK. She is currently working with a Swedish Construction company as an IT Project Co-ordinator. Prior to that Mrs Njau was working with Barclays Bank in UK as an IT Engineer for 6 years. She did her undergraduate studies in UK attaining a degree in Computer And Business Studies.

Mrs Njau is a member and Secretary for the Kenyan Golf Society in Europe (KGSE). She now supports Joy Zenz the founder of African Women in Europe as her Chief Administrator. In addition to this she Co-Hosts the AWE Blog Talk Radio Show with Mrs Zenz, interviewing women who can inspire and empower other women on their accomplishments.

Wambui believes that when one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.

Wambui Njau

IT Project Co-ordinator

Secretary of Kenyan Golfers in Europe



Mary Koikai  Event co-ordinator 

Mary Koikai-Welter is a married mom to 3 young children.  She currently resides in France after living in Germany for 7 years, where she first came to after leaving her home country Kenya at a young age of 19. She’s a certified English teacher and owns a sole proprietorship business, teaching English as a Foreign Language.  She currently offers private lessons for kids, where she uses the “Learning through play” method that focuses on facilitating the learning process through fun activities such as games, songs and stories.

She also has a passion for entrepreneurship and has in the past ventured into different businesses in the beauty and fashion industry. Her other passions include photography, cookery, interior decor, African fashion, health & nutrition and personal development. Her dream is to lead a successful business related to at least one of her interests and that will, one way or another, support communities back in Africa.

Mary is an AWE Administrator and helps moderate the website as well as organize events. Her message to African women in the Diaspora…..”The African woman is not only dynamic and hard working but also very brilliant but doesn’t often get the appreciation she deserves. We should not let these virtues be tarnished by racism, sexism and classicism and let that become our excuse but use that as our motivation. We need to magnify our positive virtues by using platforms such as AWE to network, exchange ideas, support and empower each other. Together we can fight stereotyping that we endure from being different, inspire one another and contribute actively towards our personal development and that of our entire continent. ”