Together we are strong

African Women in Europe Initiative Germany

The Website A.W.E is a private website created for African women living, working or in business in Europe and it is managed by members. Our mission is to create a relaxed atmosphere where African women can support, encourage and financially empower each other. The website platform assist members to exchanging ideas and sharing experiences through discussion board, private/public messages, photos, videos and blogs Members can join various groups according to individual preferences and make new friends. Every year members meet in one of the cities in Europe. During the social meeting members get to know each other and discuss various issues.

Objectives and Aims.

To empower African women.

To give financial advice.

To positively reflect the image of an African women.

To offer a manageable networking platform .

To support upcoming and existing entrepreneurs .

To form friendship among members .

To learn and advice each other .


Email: info@africawomenineurope

Mobile: +491738396949 .

Website :


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