Together we are strong

Christine H.Ochanda

I am a focused, ambitious, down to earth girl, with a background in Business Administration, Economics and Bachelor of Science in Education. I was born on the 31st of December 1980, of a mother who was a teacher by profession and a father who was equally a teacher; but worked with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. My father is one of the founding members of the renowned HELB- headquartered at Anniversary Towers in Nairobi (Higher Education Loans Board) -which grants Loans to University students in Kenya. My family hails from the third largest ethnic diversity in Kenya, called Luo which basically occupies the Nyanza Province of Kenya. I am the fourth in a family of seven children, with three elder sisters and three younger brothers. I’m from a relatively humble background, born and raised in a tiny little town called Embu in the Eastern Province of Kenya where my father worked for the Ministry of Education years on end. My siblings and I attended Embu County Primary School prior to my father’s transfer to Kisumu shortly before he joined the Ministry’s headquarters in Nairobi. I attended Kisumu Girls High School, Strathmore University and finally the Sorbonne University in Paris. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Economics and working as an Associate Professor of Economics (Finance) at La Sorbonne. While still looking for a stable career around my centre of interest, I write articles, short essays and equally strive to initiate development projects around my native home country Kenya, if just to enhance living standards and encourage sustainable development.



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