Together we are strong


A workshop to help you launch, market and scale up your own business


Have you been thinking about being your own boss and finally leaving your comfort zone to pursue what you really want?

Or have you started out in business and need a little bit of a push to keep you on the right track?

Then this is the seminar for you!


This seminar targets entrepreneurs with an existing business and those thinking of starting out.

By the end of this seminar you will be able to:

Write an action oriented business plan that you can present to people who may have an interest in your business.

* Understand how to execute a business idea from being just an idea to being a real live business.

* Explore innovative ways of funding your start-up and getting capital to set you up without going bankrupt.

* Navigate the world of online and off-line sales and marketing, social media, Google and how to use these tools to set-up your business and keeping it going.

* Hear case studies from other successful business owners and their secrets of success.

* Understand and apply new practical strategies to grow and scale your already existing business.

* Explore methods on how to ‘recession-proof’ your existing business and save on those outgoing costs.

Network and meet other like-minded people and get more ideas on business.

* Take home lots of practical useful tools to get you started.

The workshop will be fully interactive and will be facilitated by experienced women who have their own businesses.

Attending this seminar will be one of the best decisions that you ever made, we promise that it will be an excellent investment of your time and money.

Date:             30.06.12

Time              9:00am – 17:00

Venue :         Haus der Jugend Frankfurt


                        60594 Frankfurt

Cost:              €49 ONLY

                        Pay before April 5th 2012 and get 20% discount

Follow this link to book your ticket:

Accommodation is available in the hostel reserve your room here

Contact us to Book a table to display your products during the workshop

Bring with you

Laptop if you have one

USB Stick

Facilitators Profile

Kanini Mutooni


Kanini Mutooni will be our lead workshop facilitator. She is a qualified UK Chartered accountant and MBA holder with over 12 years experience in the international banking sector. After a successful career in Europe and the US which culminated in a director position in a large UK institution, Kanini walked away from the rat race and is now the Founder of, a company that builds customized platforms for crowd funding and micro-lending companies. She is also the founder of, an online micro-lending portal that connects social investors with female- owned businesses in Africa. Kanini also mentors women who want to setup their own businesses and runs workshops on small business start-ups. She has been nominated for several prestigious awards in the past including the Shell UK Business women of the year and the Barclays Wealth Woman of the City.



Joy Wanjiru 


Joy the Founder of African Women in Europe private organization and the owner of African Market in Europe E-Shop.

Over several years Joy has gained experience in internet marketing and networking. She is now coaching women online on one to one basis on:

*How to start new businesses and market them with an effective online strategy

*How to save money by setting up your own website and maintaining it.

*How to use technology effectively

Joy is also an event organizer .She organizes and hosts events for women to network and connect in various cities in Europe. She believes in women empowerment and is for this reasons she host regularly African Women in Europe Awards to empower women by recognizing their achievements in different areas.

Motto: Together we are STRONG!

“By attending this workshop you and I will be able to synergies ideas together to help you move one step further from where you are now.”




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