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Evelyn Corrado

EvelyneEV-online counselling was founded by Evelyn Corrado who has great experience in advising, supporting and providing therapy to clients. She has worked in different mental health services for over 9 years in the United Kingdom.

She has Bsc(hons) in Psychology and has further Masters degree studies in Psychology. She has certificates in various counselling backgrounds and is a Chartered Member of British Psychology Society. She also has a diploma in food technology.

She uses integrated assessment tools and approach therapy by applying various evidence-based psychological therapy models for example, psychodynamic approach, Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), personal centred therapy (PCT) and bio-psychosocial model.

She has worked voluntary in the UK as a youth worker for 3years and also as a be-friender in a drugs and alcohol counselling services. She is a leader in her own community and has a passion for encouraging and supporting individuals’ to achieve their best potential. She is a radio blog talk host for A.W.E where she discusses ways of achieving psychological well being and other women matters.
Jenny Chika Okafor

Distinguished Nigerian women in Diaspora, supporters and friends of Nigerian Women in Diaspora Leadership Forum (NWIDLF) our esteemed husbands, sons and brothers; I thank God for your lives and welcome you all to this brand new initiative.

Over the years, I have watched Nigeria transform from military to civilian regimes. Despite the transitional ups and downs, Nigeria has remained one. I believe that this is so because regardless of the challenges presented by each form of government, as a people, we are profoundly resilient and hopeful. Such resilience and hope have had their positive and negative impacts on all aspect of our lives and most significantly on issues of peoples and women empowerment and mobilisation.

While the changes and challenges continue, it is clear that despite the significant role of women as foundation of society upon whom the well being of society eternally rests, women have continued to be inadequately represented in every aspect of government in Nigeria.

I have curiously watched and wondered why. As a result, I have over a long period of time painstakingly sampled women’s opinion on what matters to many Nigerian women, why they feel that regardless of the constant clamour for gender equality and justice all over the world, the representation of women in all aspects of government and leadership in Nigeria remains minimal.

Interestingly my findings reveal that although women differ in characteristics, profession and attitude, we share one thing in common; the desire and aspiration to help bring fresh dignity and respect to women and girls in our country through exemplary leadership. There is also generally a desire to bring more strength and stability to families and use their various attributes, education and experiences to continue to support our male population while empowering other women and strengthening democracy in Nigeria.

There is no doubt that women are natural born leaders who, given the opportunity or encouraged, would certainly make outstanding contributions which will change the course of things at a level never seen in Nigeria. I want a situation whereby women will be selected for their intellectual capacity, passion and commitment to service to Nigeria instead of gender.

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Joyce Kerr
I started my charity “Learning for Unfortunate
Children in Kenya” (Luckenya) in 2008.  This was after visiting the
displaced children (IDPs) after the crushes in kenya in 2007.

So far I have managed to get over 60 children sponsors mainly from United
Kingdom, United States and Geneva.
Over 40 children have just sat for their O levels and are now awaiting
results.  I moved on from helping the Idps and have been getting
sponsorships for any needy children to get secondary education.  I sponsor
any child either orphaned or not who not unless helped would not get secondary
education which i’snt free in Kenya.



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