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Hilda Kaunde Hoyer


I am Kenyan lived 40years in germany planing to go back home, maybe….in some years

As a board member of Sustainable Agriculture Community Development i would like to introduce (Sacdep Kenyas)
SACDEP-Kenya is a leading organization in Kenya in the use of Sustainable Agriculture as a tool of development.

The Principles of Sustainable agriculture used as key guidelines are that for Agriculture to help the resource poor it has to be:

Principle I – Economically Feasible

Principle II – Environmentally sound

Principle III – Socially just

Principle IV – Culturally acceptable

SACDEP-Kenya has further unpackaged the Principles into what it terms as the 6 pillars of Sustainable Agriculture.

The Pillars have been guiding lights for a diversity of practitioners implementing Programmes and Projects sponsored by SACDEP. The Pillars include:

Pillar 1: Production through Low Cost External Inputs

Pillar 2: Utilization of Social Capital and Structures

Pillar 3: Value Addition, Changing Form and Marketing Capability

Pillar 4: Mobilization of Own Financial Resources

Pillar 5: Use of renewable Energy on the Farm

Pillar 6: Knowledge and ability to Influence Policies

Angeline Lizzie Gavaza

0868--P1060792Nurse, Adventurer, 3 Thirtyseven Ltd CEO and founder, philanthropist

3 Thirtyseven Founders;  Angeline Gavaza , Daphne Kasambala & Pamela Samasuwo- Nyawiri.

To alleviate poverty in Africa by inviting women of African heritage to join organised expeditions and outdoor activities for the purposes of fundraising for registered charities which provide charitable aid in their African country of heritage.

  • Empower professional women of African heritage to make a meaningful contribution to their country of origin to improve the livelihood of others. Travel for a good Africa cause. As each woman self-funds her own challenge, 100% of all the funds raised will be donated to her chosen charity.



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