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Lydia Kemunto Cutler

KENYA FILM-2-2Kemunto fashions (2)

She is former High School teacher who, after teaching for 16 years, finally followed her heart as a Fashion Designer. Since 2008, she has displayed her eveningwear designs in Australia, Kenya, England and Scotland. Kemunto’s designs have been worn in both British and International pageants, including Miss Nigeria (Aberdeen), Miss Africa (Scotland), Miss Intercontinental (UK) and Miss Bikini International (Kenyan contestant) which took place in China. She did showcasing in Brooklyn Fashion Week (USA) in September this year.

She is also the director and founder Aberdeen Fashion Week Scotland.

Lydia actively promotes charity work for exceptional causes in Kenya, Australia and Scotland. She was recognised by an ‘African Achiever’s Award and ‘Gathering of Africa’s Best’ Award in 2012.

Other Awards

1, GAB (gathering of Africa’s best) Awards 2012

2, UKKenya Achievers Awards 2012

3, North East Scotland top bridal designer Awards 2013

4, Came 4th in Britain’s Top Designer Competition in 2012

Kemunto specialises in offering bridal wear and ladies’ eveningwear in a Scottish or African theme. Kemunto’s designs are understated yet elegant, and complement the female form beautifully. The 2012 Kemunto Collection comprises a subtle blend of classic designs with tartan or African-inspired patterns. Kemunto seamlessly blends traditional and modern designs for women who want to look simply amazing.




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  1. Lydia

    Thank you.

    May 15, 2013 at 2:58 pm

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