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Sanchia Alasia is a Labour Councillor for Alibon Ward in Barking and Dagenham and a specialist in French politics.

Sanchia has been selected as one of the six new Labour Party candidates for the European elections in 2014 in the London region.

After working with Labour Party activists to defeat the far right in Barking, Sanchia now wants to use this direct experience to help sister parties fight the far right across Europe.

Sanchia writes regularly about the French political landscape and her pieces can be read on and her own blog.


I wanted to be strategic about my pursuits and visions; with this in mind and dad’s words that education and hard work are the key to success.   I enrolled for a postgraduate degree in IADT (Institute of Arts and Design) in Cultural Events Management (2011).  After I curated my very first event Fashions Aloud (2008) in aid of Hope Foundation, I had developed a soft spot for event/project management.  My experiences have thought me that life only change when you make an effort to change things you do not like and if you cannot change these things, change the way you think.

This desire to do something wonderful for humanity has led me to my current path; pursuing a PhD degree in sociology.  I am currently investigating the impacts of fashion in  bringing and uniting culturally diverse people, in solidarity even for a day.  I am passionate about fashion, culture and education.  I believed, and still believe my unpleasant experiences mustn’t shape who I become in life, rather I have recognised and grabbed this as an opportunity to initiate change.  My last event “Fashion Against Racism (2012)” was born in response to the racist and discriminatory incidents in Ireland.  It was supported by the South African & Kenyan Ambassadors, Lord Mayor of Dublin, national media and the African Woman of the year Justina Mutale.

In the past, activities such as sports and music were harnessed as tools for bridging the gap.  With this project  I sought out a medium where ordinary people (professionals & layman) from across various disciplines – NGOs, Fashion, Music, Entertainment, Dance, Cuisine could come together to celebrate diversity and reflect on issues facing humanity.  Fashion is something we all have in common, it is beautiful, it is a shared culture.  I wanted to inspire others, by showing how we all contributed to humanity and to forget about these politically constructed differences that sets us against each other.

These activities I initiated were self-funded, sponsorship (media and in-kind) and contributions from various participants.  Other initiatives and concepts I have curated are From Africa With Love Dublin 2012 (Africa Day Trade & showcase of African Fashion), The Science of Fashion NCAD – A conversation with Prof. Helen Storey of London College of Fashion Science (Science Week Conference supported by Science Foundation Ireland & Drury PR) and International Women’s Day 2011 & 2012 at Dublin City Hall.  I still have a lot to give, God willing, I will succeed.

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